Director of Photography based in Dubai whose works has been featured by news and online publications such as BBC, National Geographic Travel, Blackmagic design and Vimeo Staff Pick. One of my most popular work “Varanasi – Beyond Life” has more than 5 million digital views and has won several awards across the globe so far.
Originating from a very successful career as a Post Production specialist with more than 15 years of experience in creating VFX for TV commercials and supervising VFX shots on film sets. Apart from filming he is also an experienced editor and colorist who loves to edit and color grade most of the works himself.
Over the last few years, he has shot across the globe for popular brands like Samsung, Philips, Canon, Coca Cola, KFC, Nespresso, Etisalat, Saudi Telecom, Subway, CentrePoint, Homecentre to name a few.
Occasionally he works as Director / DP as well when the project is more about creating stunning visuals or edit based and a one man Director, DP is the best way to go. 
As a DP, his deep knowledge in VFX & Post Production is what sets him apart from the rest. The immense passion in film making and the multi talent to execute a project single handedly from shoot to edit, grade and final delivery always gives a personal touch to all the projects he works on.
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